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Stunning Natural Rattan Lamp Shades

Stunning Natural Rattan Lamp Shades

Wicker, rattan and bamboo have always been part of interior home design. Natural fibers that are usually classified as holiday furniture enter the home in a different form: lighting. These works are surprisingly versatile, suitable for traditional, modern and bohemian style rooms. They provide an easy way to add texture and architectural interest to any space. We have incorporated our favorite spaces into this trend. Keep reading and get inspired to incorporate this trend into your own home!

rattan lampshades

This large woven chandelier has a simple shape and a neutral tone, but its size and location can most attract people's attention. It attracts the eye while making this comfortable place feel spacious and intimate. The chandelier also blends seamlessly with the bohemian decor of the space.

basket lampshades

These oversized chandeliers secure two adjacent living spaces: the dining area and the living room. This can both break up the areas in this open layout and create continuity. Neutral tones maintain a harmonious color story, but add texture to the otherwise dull space.

Living Room Lamp Shade

The heavy and abstract fixtures hanging on the right side of the sofa add architectural interest to this streamlined space.

We are used to seeing white as the main background of verdant spaces. Using a black palette in this lush tropical environment is a bold choice, and it can produce amazing results. It actually makes the palm tone more prominent and makes the outdoor bar feel modern and fresh. The simple black rattan pendant makes the area feel like a real outdoor room.


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