Shortening Method of Hemp Rope Pendant.

Step1: Taking apart the canopy.

Step2: Unscrew the nut inside the canopy and take out the canopy.

Step3:Unscrew the nut on the black light cup and take out the black light cup.

Step3: Find the little twine and untie it.

Step5: Separate the twine and buckle as shown. There is glue for bonding in the hemp rope, you can tear it apart with a little force, or cut it with a knife, be careful not to cut the wire.

Step6: Unscrew the wire buckle, move it to the position you want to adjust, then tighten the wire buckle.

Step7: Arrange the hemp rope so that it evenly wraps the wire and the buckle. Leave one end of the small hemp rope and use the other end to wrap the hemp rope.

Step8: Tighten the hemp rope, and then tie it with the other end of the reserved thread. Although there is no glue, it will not affect the installation and use of the lamp, and there is no safety problem.

Step9: Cut off the extra hemp rope (you can also leave 1-2CM, do not cover the black light cup, then screw the nut, and directly install it back to the ceiling canopy).

Step10: Put back the black light cup and tighten the nut.

Step11: Reinstall the canopy and install the pendant light according to the instructions.