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Types Of Lighting We Provide

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When it comes to proper illumination, you need the right solutions. Whether in need of lighting for your home, commercial space, or industrial setting, we have you covered! At Arturest, we have the largest amount of choices in light fixtures and other products.As your online lighting store, we are confident you will find the right product at the right price to help you achieve all your illumination goals regardless of setting.

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Since we own our own manufacturing for the line of products we provide, our pricing is clearly focused on the complexity of the light. Ordering months in advance can guarantee you lower shipping costs (up to 70% lower) because we can switch to sea shipping to the closest port rather than costly international air.

Material costs constantly change in price depending on the supply and demand for certain parts of a fixture. When we give you a quote, we look directly at the current market.

In rare cases, some lamps are just too unique, so we might need to open completely new molds. In those cases we will give you the direct cost.

Our Wholesale Experts

Arturest can help you with ordering the right amount of stock from the time you get your building plans. The team can be reached directly by email or WhatsAPP. And you also can custom made your own exclusive products . Please send us the product link or the pictures. Our product manager will do his best to help you finish this work. Whether it’s table lamp, ceiling, wall, pendants, or anything else, feel free to reach out and get an easy quote.